Quick Personal Life Update (9/7/2020)

Hi, everyone! I apologize for not updating the site for the last week and a half. I’ve had some big changes in my personal and professional life, meaning that I haven’t had the time to research for posts. I’ll be back to my typical publishing schedule for next Sunday, September 13. Thank you for yourContinue reading “Quick Personal Life Update (9/7/2020)”

In Response to the Shooting of Jacob Blake

Just days ago, American police shot yet another Black man, this time in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Jacob Blake remains hospitalized, but multiple people who protested against his shooting are dead, killed by a teenage terrorist who has since been charged with murder. This week, I don’t feel that my voice is the one that needs toContinue reading “In Response to the Shooting of Jacob Blake”

In Defense of the Liberal Arts

I credit my liberal arts education with playing an important role in making me the well-rounded person I strive to be. In undergrad, I had the privilege to attend a liberal arts university, and while I graduated with two majors, I also took a variety of additional courses outside of those disciplines. I spent mostContinue reading “In Defense of the Liberal Arts”